GreenEyes.AI Introducing:

Object Identification via
AI Photo-to-Object Search as API

(Currently in Private Alpha)

A #Greener alternative for your Photo-to-Object search needs:
We provide a hardware-optimised, Cloud AI Image Recognition Technology, which scales to tens of thousands of distinct objects.

Our AI Photo-to-Object Search as API, or called as Image Recognition Technology as API product makes developers able to build performant, Visual Search-enabled apps quickly, without the hassle of MLOps, high Infrastructure costs and know-how about Computer Vision theories. Our solution uses a variety of low-level programming technologies to provide an alternative to the existing, resource-consuming approaches and to make the world a little greener. Train our solution by having 1 photo of each objects, and let our model to handle the rest. A REST API and complete tooling is ready for you to get started.
#GreenAI #ResponsibleTech #SustainableFuture

Offering for application builders:  

A REST API and complete Web Suite to help developers get started.

The Web Console

In this application developers are able to manage all of their Organizations including their team members and their roles, revoke or renew their API credentials, and access their Object Storage by opening the Data Explorer.

The Data Explorer

This application is the developers’ Playground! It is directly integrated with our API, and functions just as any App would. Developers can browse, search, update and upload* objects.

*from 1st of May, 2023, the Object Labelling as API Product has been integrated into the Object Storing operation.

Bulk import your Objects

Upload your Objects from the UI using a parallelism of 4, available in the Data Explorer, under the Bulk Upload Objects page. You can also use the TypeScript Toolkit (below) to do the bulk import from NodeJS programatically, by using your Uploader Application Credentials.

A TypeScript toolkit

Developers can use this package from NodeJS or the browser. It contains an APIClient class ready to be used to query, dispatch operations or move data in or out. Developers can use the QueuedExecutor class to paralelize the calls.

#NPM #TypeScript #Toolkit

What about testing?

Never been easier! In the Data Explorer developers can navigate to the Test Images page and upload some photos*! Once uploaded, they can click on the binocular icon and run a recognition operation on the image**. They will be able to observe the response time of our API, the confidence level of a match and the goodness of the result.

*no data yet? No problem, we have Demo datasets accessible from the Web Console.
**from 1st of May, 2023, an action to call the Object Labelling as API Product on Test Image entries has been added to the UI.

What about pricing?

Our pricing model is under evaluation, however we already prospect a 2 digit fold competitive advantage to similar cloud solutions.

Ready to get started?

Just open the Web Console and you can create your profile there. Once approved, you will have access to Demo datasets to play with. Since we are currently in Private Alpha (Preview), the service is free of charge for now.

Looking for the API Documentation?

Find it here.

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