The story

By Arpad Kish, Chief Executive Officer
Last revision: 6th of January, 2024

The origins

Under my Bachelor of Science studies in Computer Science Engineering, between 2009 and 2014, I had a chance to specialize in Computer-Vision. Three semesters in Hungary, a thematic summer-school and an exchange semester in Germany in this subject taught me a lot about the field of applied computational statistics, image processing and machine learning theories. Back in those days, Deep-Learning was nowhere and we used aging algorithms and algebra, invented at times when the hardware was limited.

As a result, I wrote
my thesis about designing and building a multi-tier Content-Based Image Retrieval system around a real-life use-case and won the 2nd place at my University’s annual Scientific Students’ Competition.

During the assessment conducted by my industry opponent, my thesis was granted and has gotten the highest possible grade.

The prototype

The Prototype was a Native iOS app with a REST API backend, capable of doing Image Recognition operations, focused on Books. It was built on a stack of multiple languages such as JavaScript (NodeJS 0.10), Objective-C and C++11.  

The birth of GreenEyes.AI

As of 2022 summer I have conducted a research about General Purpose Image Recognition solutions available on the market as Cloud Offering. I found none. So I have decided to revive my thesis and rebuild it as a Cloud-Native, open and #Greener alternative to the existing, resource consuming approaches aiming to achive the same goal: finding matching documents in large pictorial databases by user-generated inputs.

As of the end June 2022, GreenEyes.AI was born as a side-gig, co-founded by friends, with a Vision to be leader in the low-carbon footprint, Developer focused Computer Vision AI Technology landscape.

Getting to market

On the 9th of January, 2023, GreenEyes Artificial Intelligence Services, LLC. was incorporated in Delaware state, USA, and we have released our Private Alpha (Preview) AI Technology Platform to the public. It has a complete Web Suite for testing purposes and a REST API to let people build Apps on top.

On the 15th of July, 2023, we released a TypeScript toolkit to
NPM, containing helper classes to help our clients with the integration of our Platform. The package can be wired into any server-side NodeJS application or used in the browser. It has been published under the LGPL 3.0 license, and the raw TypeScript code is also included in the package.

The present

The business is currently run as a cooperation of 6 people. We are a cross-functional team, with mixed backgrounds from Scientific Research to Design, Tech to Marketing & Business.

The platform is being developed by 2 people, the code is stored in 12 repositories, which gets shipped by 8 code delivery pipelines to the cloud, serving 5 user-facing Web Applications, backed by 6 REST APIs, runs on 19 Cloud-Native components and the AI Engine consumes 1.6 GB disk space on its own.  

Prior to launch we have completed a fully-fledged Cloud-Security Audit in consideration to compliance and regulatory requirements set in local and global legislations.

Discover our Open Source packages here

Supporting the cause:

We helped to build ART SCAPE.

ART SCAPE is a Next-gen, localized Art Entertainment platform to discover galleries, museums and exhibition places. Personalized, AI-powered, right in your pocket. Launched in September, 2023.

*ART SCAPE is a subsidiary of GreenEyes.AI, incubated and financed by Digital Industry Experts, and built by Art-enthusiasts for the public.

Got a project idea?

We are ready to help. Discover sponsorship opportunities with us, and contact us right away.

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