Object Labelling as API

Understand your pictures and enrich your data

(Currently in Private Alpha)


An API to help you understand your images, in any context

With our Object Labelling as API Product developers can build rich search experiences by automatically labelling their pictorial databases. Supporting up to 80 object classes, extract useful labels from photos in few seconds.

A TypeScript toolkit

Developers can use this package from NodeJS or the browser. It contains an APIClient class ready to be used to query, dispatch operations or move data in or out. Developers can use the QueuedExecutor class to paralelize the calls.

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Ready to get started?

Just open the Web Console and you can create your profile there. Once approved, you will have access to Demo datasets to play with. Since we are currently in Private Alpha (Preview), the service is free of charge for now.

Looking for the API Documentation?

Find it here.

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