About Us

We are a Hungarian startup company, founded in 2022, and currently bootstrapping.

We are a group of Serial Entrepreneurs and experienced Industry Pioneers with a track record of building, running and scaling successful Tech Ventures in the past. Apart, we were serving a wide range of clients and partners from the Fintech (retail/challenger & investment banking), E-commerce, Social Networking and Media, Real-estate (agencies), Hosting and Cloud, Healthcare (BI, Analytics & Data-warehousing) industries as we worked with- and consulted for numerous Startups, Scaleups and Enterprises from all around the world.

Founding Team of 3 has more than 32 years of commercial & entrepreneurial experience combined, having a broad combination of skills in technology & development, software architectures, marketing, sales, business development, product & people management, consulting and scientific / academic research. Each member holds at least one degree, from BSc levels up to a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

Our DNA:

- Purposeful
- Research Driven
- balancing between Quality and Quantity
- Can Do and Will Do attitude
- Metrics and honest Feedback driven
- following an Inherently Lean approach

To make our Business successful, we are looking for people sharing our Vision and Passion to serve our Clients, build the Best-In-Class tools and services in the Artificial Intelligence supported Computer Vision API landscape, have an Impact on the industry, and most importantly, make the world a better place.

We are currently hiring:

Part-Time Junior Software Developer

The Role:

To build, release, scale and maintain our Platform, we are looking for an Enthusiastic and Diligent part-time Junior Software Developer (10-20 Hours per week). The ideal candidate has a strong desire to become a generalist Software Engineer over time, learn and master Back-end development, Front-end development, Cloud Computing, distributed systems, get hands-on experience in Computer Vision and Machine Learning topics.

As a Junior Software Developer, the successful Candidate will work on…

  • a multi-repo codebase, written in NodeJS and C++,

  • work with SQL databases and native AWS service integrations,

  • maintain the CI/CD pipelines of our applications - Docker,

  • deploy the application components to the cloud - Amazon Web Services,

  • get hands-on experience with one (or more), current Front-end frameworks,

  • follow an Agile approach (Kanban, pair-coding, gitflow),

  • while he/she will receive mentorship.

What we offer:

  • A Real Research was/will be conducted behind every Product,

  • Clear Technical Direction & Product Strategy,

  • A Proactive, Enthusiastic team of Young professionals,

  • Can Do & Get Things Done attitude,

  • Mentorship & involvement in decision-making,

  • Impact on the Products, Processes and the everyday life of the team,

  • Opportunity to be among the first employees - after MVP & PoC,

  • a 1500-2000 HUF hourly wage (net),

  • and Equity option - after incorporation.

The successful Candidate will report to:

Arpad - Arpi, 32 years old founding Technical partner, developer of the prototype. He has been a web developer since his early teens, and after graduating he gained 8 years of Full-Stack Software Engineering and three years of Technical Project Management/Software Architecture/Team Leadership experience in Digital Agencies, Startups and large Enterprises, besides Founding/Co-founding multiple tech ventures.


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